UK Athletics releases “A Manifesto for Clean Athletics”, calls for reseting world records


In the wake of a massive doping scandal that left the international sporting community shaken to its core, one regulatory group is now calling for all previous world records to be reset.

UK Athletics is a British regulatory group responsible for overseeing athletic affairs in the United Kingdom. Earlier this week, the organization released their 14 point plan to repair international competition, entitled: “A Manifesto for Clean Athletics”,

The piece is a direct response to a scandal that has now resulted in the arrest of former IAAF President Lamine Diack and Russia’s suspension from international track and field competition. While many groups agree that international competition is in need of overhaul, few have agreed on how to accomplish this goal. The UK Athletics’ 14-point plan includes:

-Increased penalties for violations (including lifetime bans)

-Increased out-of-competition testing for athletes

-Creation of a global testing database

-Creation of centralized anti-doping agencies (“Clean Sport”)

-Starting a new set of records for the “Clean Athletics era”

While the IAAF is already attempting to implement some of the measures, including increased out-of-competition testing and the creation of a test results database, some of them more controversial than others.

On the subject of “lifetime bans”, the concept seems unlikely as the World Anti-Doping Agency is historically against the idea and the British Olympic Association lost a legal battle regarding the issue back in 2012.