Michael Phelps makes a guest appearance for ASU Basketball

On Thursday, Michael Phelps took time off from his busy training schedule to help out the Arizona State Sun Devils.

The Olympian appeared to help ASU’s basketball team with their secret weapon: the “curtain of distraction”. The technique is performed like this: as the opposing team shoot free throws, fans erect a large stage-curtain. Right as the player is about to shoot the ball, the curtain pops open and fans jump out dressed in goofy costumes. It’s not rocket science, but it seems to do the trick.
This week, the routine got a little more exciting! Unfortunately, Michael Phelps wearing a speedo wasn’t quite enough to lead Arizona to victory (their team lost by 6 points). Check it out here:

“It seems to have a mystical force because the other team’s free-throw percentage in the second half is dropping,” ASU head coach Herb Sandek told CBS. “Our student attendance records seemingly are broken one game after the next. It makes things fun for the students.”
The ritual has received a lot of coverage on the web. Now that Phelps has made an appearance, it’s definitely raised the bar for everyone involved. As March Madness approaches, who knows what celebrities might make an appearance? We’ll keep you updated as the season continues.
[Features image via Flickr, photo by Linus Egger]