Bobby Knight Joins Long List of Controversial Athletes Who Have Endorsed Donald Trump

Bobby Knight Joins Long List of Controversial Athletes Who Have Endorsed Donald Trump


Donald Trump got another strange celebrity endorsement this week! This time it’s Bobby Knight, former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers.

Coach Knight is currently scheduled to appear during a Trump rally on Wednesday at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis.

Now Bobby Knight may be very accomplished coach, but he’s not exactly the guy I talk to when I’m looking for political advice. He’s probably most famous for throwing a chair across the court during a basketball game against Purdue in 1985. The “criticisms and controversy” section of his wikipedia page is so lengthy, it had to be broken down by decade. He’s repeatedly been accused of racism and he’s never changed his behavior.

The endorsement isn’t really surprising. As Politico pointed out, Knight believe that “no one has accomplished more than Mr. Trump” and told people “I damn sure don’t want to be listening to Hillary for the next four years.”
Still, Trump currently leads Cruz in the polls and he’s expected to win Indiana, so why would Bobby Knight’s endorsement help Trump at all?
I’m not exactly sure when Donald Trump’s campaign manager decided they want endorsements from every disgraced athlete they can possibly find. The list is already pretty lengthy, but Knight is nowhere near the worst person on it. Trump has support from Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman, Pete Rose, Mike Tyson… The Nation is currently calling these guys “The Brotherhood of Bullies“, and it’s starting to seem like a pretty accurate name.
We’ll try and keep you updated when Team Trump adds another goon.
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