This is Nuts: Why Do NBA Players Keep Hitting Each Other In The Testicles?


I’m sorry, but will someone please tell me just why NBA players keep hitting each other in the nuts?!

In the Western Conference Finals, Draymond Green has now kicked Steven Adams in the groin twice. Meanwhile, in the Easten Conference Finals, Dahntay Jones just got suspended for smacking Bismack Biyombo in the crown jewels. That makes three strikes in the past week and I’m completely confused.
I’ve been watching basketball for a long time and, until recently, cup-checking has not been a major part of my viewing experience. Now, all of a sudden, there have been incidents in three of the last four games. So… Is this a thing we’re doing now? Is this the new “Jordan Rules“?
When Draymond Green first hit Steven Adams, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the second time it happened, I started noticing a pattern. Not to mention, if you examine the footage from Game 2, it looks like Andrew Bogut knee’d Adams in the groin a few seconds before Green took his shot on the other end of the court. Maybe I’m paranoid, but after the Game 3 hit, this really started to feel like a coordinated effort.
As far as Dahntay Jones hit on Biyombo, it’s conceivable that it was incidental contact during an overly physical game; unfortunately for Jones, he already has a reputation for undercutting his opponents. In case anyone forgot, Dahntay Jones was the player who injured Kobe Bryant back in 2013.
Once again, Dahntay is claiming this was all an accident; but it seems suspicious that Dahntay only has accidents against players who are kicking his ass.
The NBA has now hit Jones with a suspension and fines, and Draymond Green caught a Flagrant 1 during Game 3. That seems unfair, since Green’s hit looks a lot more intentional that Jones’, even if it was an inadvertently hit while “flailing” to sell contact, as Shaq claimed on Inside The NBA. Hopefully, this is all just a series of unfortunate incidents, but it’s made for one heck of a strange week.
Draymond discussed the kick in a playoff diary he’s been writing for “The Undefeated“:
“I didn’t intentionally kick him down there. Whether he believes me or not, which I don’t think he will and wouldn’t in the moment, which is why I didn’t say anything. I would definitely apologize and I look forward to apologizing to him, if I see him.”
As for Adams, when asked about Draymond Green’s kick, the OKC Center told reporters quite simply: “He’s pretty accurate“.
[UPDATE: Since this was posted, it’s been reported that the NBA has reviewed the play. According to sources, the foul has been upgraded to a flagrant 2, but Draymond Green will not be suspended.]