Cubs Did It: Congratulations, Murray!

Cubs Did It: Congratulations, Murray!


Well, yesterday we asked the Cubs to do us a favor, and it looks like they heard us! The Chicago Cubs won the World Series on Wednesday night, November 2 and Bill Murray was there to celebrate.
After the game, Bill Murray was briefly interviewed by WGN and he had a wonderful, heartfelt response:

“All this effort, wishing and hoping that it’d work, and now it’s come true… You believe in something that is true and beautiful, and the whole city, all its fans, they’re sort of validated. Their dream came true. It’s OK, dreams come true.”

He also told Mayor Rahm Emanuel to give kids the week off school. So they’ve got that going for them.

And, in case you want to see how happy he is for yourself, here’s a video of Murray celebrating with the team (via FOX News):

So, after 108 years and a grueling 7-game series,  it seems that all is now well in the world of baseball. Congratulations, Bill!