IWF Weightlifters Stripped of Medals, China Faces Suspension

IWF Weightlifters Stripped of Medals, China Faces Suspension


Several weightlifters were stripped of their medals this week following the discovery of PED use during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is trying to clean-up their act in the wake of the massive doping scandal that’s rocked the entire Olympic community over the last two years. As part of this effort, the IWF is reanalyzing samples from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics; any country that fails three or more re-tests will be suspended for a year.
Well, the results are starting to come back and it doesn’t look good. On Thursday, three Chinese weightlifters tested positive for human growth hormones. As a result, the nation could be banned from international competition for at least a year. Athletes from Turkey and Azerbaijan also tested positive, and Russian weightlifter Khadzhimurat Akkaev was stripped of his bronze medal and suspended following the discovery that his samples contained traces of the anabolic steroid turinabol.
Weightlifting has one of the worst records when it comes to failed tests and Russia is one of the worst offenders. As a result, Maxim Agapitov, President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation, has had his hands full recently.

“Weightlifting has a lot of problems,” Agapitov told reporters. “I have seen them over the years, the mistakes made, the liabilities. I wanted to help because weightlifting is not just my job, it’s my life.”

He continued (via Insidethegames.biz):

“It is an honour to have this job but there is a huge responsibility pressing on me – but I am not alone, the Government will help me, the IWF will help… The world needs Russian weightlifting. I don’t want to say we are not changeable, we understand our responsibility is greater than other countries because we started this sport, we had so many Olympic champions, and we have to continue. We are always at the centre of discussions… Who is tested most? Those who finish first, second, third – which is why the Russian and Soviet Bloc countries have been tested so often. If you test those who finish, fifth, sixth, seventh, the picture may change…

The problem is not just a problem of Russia but a problem of every country, a problem for the sport… We can’t just press a button and everything will change. We must involve the Government, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, WADA, the Ministry of Sport, the IWF and ask for their help.”

So far, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) re-tests have uncovered more than 100 positive tests in multiple sports and they are still awaiting more results.

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  1. Mike   Monday, January 16th, 2017 at 7:35 am

    I grew up in Sweden during the 60’s. We were constantly showered with views of the “East Block” athletes on TV, and they all looked very strange…
    Men and women who were stronger and better than all others in every field did not inspire us to compete with chemicals, instead it inspired jokes about the steroid filled freaks who were allowed to compete in almost every sport.

    Now I am sitting here thinking…What in the world made everyone believe they had stopped using the performance enhancing drugs?!? Was it that they said it, or was it because everyone else also started using it?

    I no longer watch the Olympic games. It has long ago lost its meaning. If I want to watch or engage in true sport, I go to the local soccer field and join the kids. They still have the fun and competition without sponsors or need for international sponsors and million dollar deals.

    Bring real sport back, and ban all the money hungry idiots in the game.

    …Now, a snowball fight outside! I am old, but I might join them. . .