Popovich on Trump: “I Feel Like We’ve Been Invaded”

Popovich on Trump: “I Feel Like We’ve Been Invaded”


On Monday, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich went on yet another long anti-Trump rant. During an interview, Pop told WTHR.com he doesn’t plan to stop talking about the president:

“There will be some people who will say, ‘Just go coach your basketball team’. Just go do this, go sit in your sauna, just go run the football, whatever it might be… [But] that willingness to do whatever it took to get elected, to say and act the way he did, was unacceptable and really disgusting… Even people who voted for him can see that, but for some reason, they think they can ignore that or forget about it…

Sometimes when life moves along, you’re presented with situations where you find it necessary to speak because so many people either seem to be afraid to or, more sinister, are unwilling to face things and let things go and worry about their own situations. And most of those people have had opportunities the vast majority have not. I think it’s important for people who have had opportunities to make sure other people with opportunities know they were very, very, very fortunate…where you were born, what you skin color is, what country you were born in…It’s all chance. You didn’t do that; you get no credit for that.

So a lot of people have an easy time forgetting that and this situation we’re in now, we’re finding a lot of people who are in charge and who will be in charge have very little clue about what many, many people have to go through to live in this world.

Some days I feel like we’ve been invaded by another power…It’s a strange land.”

As The Washington Post noted, Popovich seems to have “found the opponent of his life” in President Trump. But there are those who have been critical of Coach Pop’s opinions on the new President. Breitbart claimed that Popovich just “can’t get over that Donald J. Trump won the 2016 presidential election” – which is probably accurate, but not really a bad thing. No one should just “get over” the election of an unqualified and unstable candidates like Trump. His behavior is not acceptable and it should not be treated like it is.
The country deserves better.  As Popovich said in January: “I just wish that he was more — had the ability to be more.”

3 Responses to "Popovich on Trump: “I Feel Like We’ve Been Invaded”"

  1. Neal Bracken   Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 6:59 am

    Gregg, not to worry. The good people know who you are. We just don’t move quite as fast as your enemies. For my part, I offer you a spiritual handshake!

  2. Gloria Crabtree Dph   Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Pop, thank you for standing up for our country, and against this man they call President. You have the ability to help us with your voice. In my opinion, and I am 80 years old I think that you have the right to tell us how it is and people will listen. He is not worthy to hold this office. We need people in our House and Senate that have the backbone to stand up against these people. If you ever get out of Basketball would you be interested in politics?? You my friend, would stand up for our people. I wanted to say thank you again . It takes someone like you for the people to pay attention. The people are fed up with politicians. We have always said, if we let the Athletes run our country we would never have to talk about Poverty, Peoples Health, and War. I express my appreciation to you, and the young men that have followed you in the right direction. Thank You Gloria Crabtree Dph

  3. Ed Clark   Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 11:34 am

    ditto, sir. You are a REAL American patriot and not the dangerous Trump nationalist of his following. We should be excelling in being a responsible part of this world, not isolating ourselves from our fear. Respond to the hope in your heart and stay off the beaten path of Donald Trump and his ilk….it only leads to their own certain “hell”.