Mark Cuban Talks Politics With Nate Silver, Explains What Democrats Are Doing Wrong

Mark Cuban Talks Politics With Nate Silver, Explains What Democrats Are Doing Wrong


Earlier this week, Mark Cuban sat down with Nate Silver at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Their conversation touched on several subjects, including politics. The Dallas Maverick’s owner talked a little bit about the state of the country and his own personal political views [via FiveThirtyEight]:

“People think I’m a Democrat. I’m not. I’m an independent. People think I’m a progressive. I’m not. I’m far more middle of the road, particularly on fiscal issues and probably a little bit left on social issues…

I think there’s certain people that believe in information and facts and making reasoned decisions and there’s certain people, like I was just saying, that are like, “It can’t get any worse.” I would go to places — particularly in Texas, once they found out I switched and was supporting Hillary Clinton — the things that they would say about Obama being the ultimate socialist, about he’s just two steps away from communism, about how he’s going to take everything away from us, yada, yada, yada. Those aren’t conclusions you just naturally come to on your own. Those are marketed conclusions, and I think that’s really what won the day for Trump as much as the dissatisfaction with the way things are going….

Any position I have, I want to be challenged so I can get smarter about it. So I don’t mind it, and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. And it won’t be the first time, it won’t be the last time. But I like that. When it comes to making decisions that are going to be in the public eye, whether it’s the Mavs, whether it’s politics, whatever it may be, I kind of like scrutiny, intellectual scrutiny.”

Of course, it’s no surprise that Cuban isn’t a Democrat. Last month he made headlines when he announced “the Democrats are blowing it” during a conversation with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle. Cuban told the MSNBC reporter:

“There’s still a whole lot more we need to learn about how President Trump does business. I don’t think his management style is all of a sudden going to change because he decided to stick to script for the most part in presenting the Supreme Court nominee… Dealmakers love to make deals. Salespeople love to sell…  It’s always worth sitting at the table with that type of person. There’s no doubt, in fact, because you can always go back to your original position… You never know in negotiation until you try and I still think it’s worth trying…

25% of voters or citizens voted against [Trump], 23% voted for him. It’s what the 52% that didn’t vote do next that’s important… The reality is, the Democrats don’t need to communicate with the people that voted against him. They don’t need to communicate with the people that voted for him. They need to communicate with the people who didn’t vote. Those are going to be the people who are going to have the greatest impact in the next election…
The Democrats are blowing it. I think – Look, I’m an independent, I’m not a Democrat. I don’t have a vested interest in the Democratic Party at all. But, what I will say, at least from my perspective, everything that was wrong with Republicans during the Obama administration was built around obstructionism.  It was bad for everybody, bad for the country. And the reality is that’s how we ended up with a President Trump… And so, with that in mind, why are the Democrats looking to copy the obstructionist approach? …They need to take a different approach is they want to get different results.”
Over on Twitter, he outlined the problem in an even more concise format:
Of course, the big question is “Will Cuban run for President in 2020“? Apparently, the possibility was so troubling to Donald Trump that it inspired a mini-flame war with Cuban over that very subject. But, while there are a lot of people hoping to see The Shark Tank star in the White House, I wouldn’t count on it. During the conference this weekend, the Mavs’ owner told Nate Silver:

“let’s just say, it’s not just a lifelong dream of mine to be president of the United States.”


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