Mark Cuban Trashes Trump On CNN

Mark Cuban Trashes Trump On CNN
It must be that time of the week again because we have yet another Mark Cuban update! This time, the Dallas Mavericks’ owner appeared on CNN to talk about the state of the White House.

On Wednesday, Cuban sat down with Jake Tapper to discuss Trump’s first two months:
“No leadership skills, no management skills, not very good communication skills; but he’s obviously had an impact on the economy, so he gets credit for that. People believe in what he’s doing on the tax front. They believe in, and I agree, on the reduction of regulation – not all regulation, the EPA stuff I don’t agree with, but in some of it, the simplification of doing business I agree with. Reducing some of the bureaucracy and the lobbying rules. But you still have to look at the bigger picture, because even though he’s put out these executive orders, even though he’s signaled the intent to do all these things and the market has believed in it, any leader – particularly the president – has got to lead and he’s got to get these things passed.”

“The first thing you look at is the leaks. I’ve been in takeover scenarios, companies where I’ve purchased where there’s been bad culture, right? You’ve got to sit down and where people disagree with you, you’ve got to say, ‘Look, there’s going to be issues, but let’s discuss this. We’ll communicate so that you don’t have to communicate with the public. If you have a problem, have that problem with me, and tell me, and let’s resolve it.’

That’s not what he’s done. When you don’t communicate and you kind of cocoon yourself, that’s where you get leak issues like this… When it comes to communication skills, have you seen him answer any questions? What’s the one topic where you look at him and say ‘boy, he has in depth knowledge’? …If you can’t delve into the issues, how are you going to come to a resolution on anything?”

And, once again, Mark Cuban answered the burning question about Cuban 2020:
“I don’t want to say ‘no’, but it’s not my dream to be President of the United States.”