USA Today Declares DC the “Saddest Sports City in the U.S.”

USA Today Declares DC the “Saddest Sports City in the U.S.”

Wizards v/s Spurs 02/12/11

Following losses by the Wizards and Capitals on Wednesday night, DC sports fans are not having a good week. Yesterday morning, both teams were in the second round of the playoffs and fans were excited about their prospects; but, a few short hours later, everything had changed. The Capitals are now out of the playoffs and Boston leads their series 3-2. Though the Wizards are still in the playoffs, they now seem destined to fail.

The feelings of despair that swept across the city has now been well summarized in pieces by USA Today’s Nina Mandell and Charles Curtis. In seemingly complimentary pieces, the FTW writers both scribed fitting tributes to the cities sadness, with Mandell dubbing DC the “the saddest place in sports” and Curtis declaring them the “saddest sports city” in the United States.

Curtis’ post mostly pointed to the fact that, according to ESPN, Washington is now the city with the “most combined seasons without a conference title“. Mandell, meanwhile, posted a tradic eulogy to the hope that had briefly filled fans hearts in the Federal City:

“When it was all over, everything seemed to quickly return to normal. Everyone filed quietly out of the bar I was in, without much yelling but rather just a feeling of, ‘Of course that was going to happen.’

Because that’s what history has taught DC fans… It was a familiar feeling, which is sort of even more of a depressing thought after the excitement that filled the city for a few days.

It was also raining.

Predictably, traffic was terrible.”