NBA Jersey Sponsors: What We Know So Far

NBA Jersey Sponsors: What We Know So Far


Next year, for the first time in NBA history, teams will feature advertising on their jerseys. Sponsored jersey have long been a feature of pro-soccer, with corporate logos noticeable adorning the kits of every major team from around the globe; but, until recently, the trend had not yet spread to any of America’s four major sports. This is all set to change in the 2017-18 season.

According to “The patches will appear on the front left of the jersey, opposite Nike’s logo, and measure about 2½ by 2½ inches.”

So far, only five teams have announced their new sponsorship deals:
  • Boston Celtics have a “comprehensive deal” with GE
  • Brooklyn Nets signed with infor
  • Cleveland Cavaliers have a deal with Goodyear
  • Philadelphia 76ers reached an agreement with StubHub
The jersey ads have have been criticized by a lot of sports purists but, as player salaries continue to increase, jersey ads seem like a logical choice. Here what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had to say about the decision:

“I think the greatest impact will be on sort of this amplifying effect of a company choosing to associate directly with a team’s jersey, then going out and promoting that relationship in the larger market. I think that will lead to greater engagement of our fans with these teams…

The league believes that these groups need to be protected, but again, I think the right way to work to the proper resolution here is for the league to remain engaged in the conversation, rather than setting ultimatums or announcing we’re not going to play our All-Star Game in Charlotte… But there’s a reason this is a pilot program. I mean, we listen very closely to our fans, and so we’ll see what the reaction is.”


[Photo via Twitter, @sixers – the official account for the Philadelphia 76ers]