Case Dismissed: Lochte’s Brazilian Nightmare Finally Ends

Case Dismissed: Lochte’s Brazilian Nightmare Finally Ends

It’s been almost one entire year since Olympic gold-medal winner Ryan Lochte was suspended, fined and summoned to appear in a Brazilian court for falsifying a police report. Now, eleven month later, an appellate court in Brazil has finally dismissing the case, concluding that Lochte had not broken the law.

It all began when Lochte claimed that he and several other swimmers – Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen – had been robbed at gunpoint near a gas station in Barra da Tijuca. While investigating the report, local police discovered that the Olympic swimmer had fabricated the story. Not only were the athletes not robbed, but they had instead become involved in a confrontation with several security guards after allegedly vandalizing a public bathroom while intoxicated.

According to USA Today: “The only damage caused by the swimmers at the gas station was the poster that Lochte knocked off a wall. Police and Bentz said that the swimmers paid $20 plus 100 Reais, which is about $33, for the poster.”

On August 25. 2016, the Brazilian police recommended that prosecutors file charges against Lochte. As he had already fled the country shortly after he filed the false report, Lochte was eventually charged in absentia. At some point during this mess, the US Olympic Committee (USOC) suspended him from competition, and forced him to forfeit the $100,000 cash bonus that came with his gold medal.

As this all unfolded, Lochte began a massive apology tour, giving huge interviews on The Ellen Show and Good Morning America. The story captivated the public for several week; and, as August once again approaches, it appears that this saga has finally reached its conclusion.