Marian Gaborik Heads to Columbus In NHL Trade Deadline Shocker

Marian Gaborik Heads to Columbus In NHL Trade Deadline Shocker


The NY Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets pulled the NHL trade deadline shocker of the day by swapping Marian Gaborik for three players.

There are a lot of stunning angles to this trade, but the biggest one is the fact that the Columbus Blue Jackets minus Rick Nash are buyers, while the NY Rangers with Nash are sellers.

The NY Rangers are receiving Derick Brassard and Derek Dorsett, and defenseman John Moore for Gaborik. Dorsett is out for the season. Moore hasn’t really developed, and the blog Jackets Cannon has the skinny on Brassard, “At this point in time, it would seem that you know what kind of player Brass is going to be. He’s a second/third line tweener center, who isn’t great defensively or on faceoffs. He scores at about a half point per game, which is a positive, but he doesn’t provide much else. In my opinion he’d be better suited on the wing as a playmaker. Columbus has used him in this capacity early this season, but with the injuries up the middle he has seen a return to the pivot spot.”

The Rangers are trying to make up for their offseason mistake of dealing away their depth, grit, and toughness in the offseason by trading one of the few offensively talented players on a team that has scored the fewest goals in the league.

This trade can’t hide the fact that the Rick Nash trade hasn’t worked out so far for the Rangers. The need to do another deal to cover up for the weaknesses caused by a previous deal is a sign that the wheels could be falling off, or maybe this is Tortorella shipping his designated goat out of town in the hope that people won’t notice that yet another NHL team is in the process of tuning him out.

The return the Rangers received for the expensive and inconsistent Gaborik wasn’t bad, but looking back, they might have been better off never pulling the trigger on that Rick Nash trade.

An outcome that nobody could have imagined at the season’s start could become a reality. The Columbus Blue Jackets may be playing playoff hockey, while the Rangers end up sitting at home.

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  1. brian   Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    The Rangers traded overrated players in Gaborik,Anisimov,and Dubinsky for an overrated player in Nash.