Fantasy Football Coach – Week 3 (The Dust is Beginning to Settle)

Fantasy Football Coach – Week 3 (The Dust is Beginning to Settle)

The Dust is beginning to settle

Week 3

Two weeks are in the books! Week three began with a Thursday night surprise where the Kansas City Chiefs began their season with more wins in the first three games than what they won all of last year in sixteen. The Philadelphia Eagles plummeted to 1-2 with a high motor offense making some stalling turnovers that were costly. The Chiefs offense looks solid, Jamal Charles has been steady averaging a TD a game, at least 55 yds on the ground and completing at least 3 catches a game with at least 20 yds receiving. Alex Smith has delivered with wins. Their receiving corps seem shaky with different contributors every game. Against the eagles Dwayne Bowe was held to one catch. While Donnie Avery went over the century mark. D. Bowe is playing like a flex, so until he and Smith gel don’t automatically start him. The Chiefs defense is looking just as good on paper as it is on the field and possibly the best in .

Jamal Charles

The Eagles have a solid offense with Vick unleashed again and LeSean McCoy putting himself back in the argument with Adrian Peterson & Arian Foster as the top backs in football. McCoy is averaging over a hundred yards on the ground or the air every game! Vick is averaging at least 30 yards on the ground, 200 yards in the air and about 2 TDs a game.

LeSean McCoy

St. Louis Rams & Dallas Cowboys

Should be a high scoring game and a battle with both teams working on their second win. Start all offensive players because the name “the greatest show on turf” may beapplied after this battle. The defense that comes up with some turnovers will be the victor so will the Dallas D continue their defensive dominance or will the Rams sack Romo? (throwing for at least 263 yds in the air & Sam Bradford throwing for at least 299yds and 2 tds a game) Expect a high scoring affair or at least alot of yds for some players.

Dez Bryant

Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings

Somebody will get a win today rest assured, barring the ultra rare tie. Both teams have questions with the exception of Adrian Peterson who is averaging 1.5 tds. Christian Ponder is Running for at least 12 yds a game, throwing at least 227 yds and a td show.

Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals
Rodgers and Andy D-alton. Shootout alert. Start the WRs because these QBs can throw. The running backs on the bengals Green-Ellis and Giovani are solid #2 RBs because someone will get some yards and somebody will score! Starks and all Green Bay Rbs are desperate flex plays to me because Starks has teased before and then had horrible games and we don’t know the rotation cycle for the RBs.

San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans
Rivers has accepted the superman role for the chargers. Rivers is safe start but other than Matthews and Gates anybody can score the TDs. CJ28 has been a solid #2 RB and if Locker can keep up the safe play their bound to score and sustain some drives.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patrios
Josh Freeman must have forgotten this is his contract year because his play has been awful. Doug Martin has been solid, maybe not the #3 RB like some people thought. Stevan Ridley will have a bounce back game and possibly go over 100 yarda or at least score a TD for his owners! Tom Brady will have to manage the game for them so don’t expect him scoring alot with his limited weapons.

Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints

The Cardinals line continues to look awful which is preventing Carson Palmer from becoming a #1 Fantasy QB. Drew Brees is keeping it fresh and breezy guiding the team like business. This should be a high scoring game and a go ahead and feel comfortable with starting offensive star players Martin, Jackson, Brees, Sproles and Graham!

Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins
Stafford and RG3 will be on hand to exhibit some young star QB skills. Megatron and Garcon should be strong starts. R. Bush may want to be seated in case of injury set backs orlimited carries but his feast or famine potential is worthy of a flex start if you need him.

N.Y. Giants and Carolina Panthers
The Giants arial assault all look like good starts although eli should be assumed one int possibly more. Sit David Wilson until he shows you reason to start him. Cam Newton has yet to return to the form he finished with last year, playing safe and it seems he’s not comfortable yet. Expect D.Williams to continue his running of at least 85 yds a game. One team will leave with a win so expect someone offensive points and turnovers from both teams in a nasty fight.

Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens
Arian Foster and Ben Tate will run over the Ray Rice less Ravens. A.Johnson may be a litle slow this game so play the rookie Hopkins. B. Pierce is a must start if you handcuffed him but should be seen as a strong flex or #2 RB. Ravens WRs look good but the texans D may provide problems for them scoring.

Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins
Matt Ryan hasn’t thrown under 300 yet and I believe that trend continues especially without Steven Jackson. J.Riodgers may be recieving a nice amount of catches so if you have him he’s an excellent flex play. Jason Snelling on the other hand is a desperate flex play. I picked up Charles Clay in 3 of the 4 leagues I’m apart of. The other I have Gronk backing up Jason Witten so I’m stacked at TE. Clay looked good going over film. Don’t expect another 100 plus yds but he’s a solid 10 pt guy I would have faith in him especially with Mike Wallace (stud at the flex, solid #2 WR) expected to see alot of attention and Hartline (nice play as a #3 WR or flex) to garner some help too. This game should have some big plays, some turnovers and a good showing of the nfl product with rookies like Lamar Miller attempting to continue his production with a TD last week he’s an alright flex play.

Mike Wallace

Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers
Trent Richardson is a #2 RB now to me because we just don’t know if he’ll go for 100 and dominate or if he’ll be acclimated into his new team and just get 30yds rushing on limited carries. The Colts offense in general looks like there solid. While the 9ers have some question marks. Kaepernick is still a must start with his potential while AQ and Frank Gore are acceptable #2s but better flex options if your team is deep.

Jacksonville Jaguars and Seattle Seahawks
The JAgs offense, just bench them all. Lynch is looking like a solid #1 RB but the Seattle WRs look like they should all ride the bench because Wilson is a bit shaky right now.

R. Wilson

Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers
Cutler is playing strong and all top weapons are must starts while the steelers offensive line is not helping Big Ben accomplish anything. Browns fighting with the OC Haley and E. Sanders still are solid in ppr leagues.

Buffalo Bills and N.Y. Jets
The Spiller isn’t looking amazing but still a definite #2 RB and Fred Jackson is showing amazing worthiness as a flex play still wearing the “C” captain stitching. Geno Smith looks like he’ll only be a good play if he runs for some yds because his throwing stats will most likely always have an INT or two this year. Powell can be more trusted than Ivory because of his catching ability but neither are better than a #3/flex option yet.

Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos
Pryors stats will be up and down this year just like week 1 and 2 but expcet him to be a solid #2 QB but you probably have better options. P.Manning on the other hand is a beast and all Broncos catchers are nearly must starts because anyone may get 2 TDs if Manning wants. Moreno looks like the gem in the rough this year possibly with his potential but I still think some bad games will occur in his future but against oakland he’s a good start.