Golfer Greg Norman Tells Fox News That Obama’s A Bad President Because Of His Golf Scores

Golfer Greg Norman Tells Fox News That Obama’s A Bad President Because Of His Golf Scores


During Tuesday morning’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, the newest member of the Fox Sports team, pro golfer Greg Norman, called in to discuss a puff piece published in the New York Times over the weekend on President Obama’s golf game. The article was centered on the president’s well-known love for playing golf. Overall, it revolved around three people who have played with Obama since he’s been in office and what they thought of his game.

Of course, since this is Fox News we are talking about, the Fox & Friends hosts used a weekend filler piece to continue their years-long obsession with President Obama’s golfing habit and used the network’s newest member to join along with their chorus of criticism. Thankfully for Doocy and Co., Norman did not disappoint. Throughout the segment, Norman used excerpts from the NYT piece to suggest that since Obama hasn’t greatly improved his golf game in the six years he’s been president, he has likely done the same of his time in the White House. Per Norman, if POTUS is “flippant and nonchalant” about his golf score, then it likely carries over into other aspects of his life, such as leading the country.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:



What is truly striking about this short little piece on Fox & Friends is just how much they gleaned from an innocuous article about President Obama’s golf game. Norman and Elisabeth Hasselbeck both made the claims that even though Obama has played a lot of golf these past six years — 214 rounds, which is less than a round per week — he apparently hasn’t gotten any better and that reflects directly on how he’s handled his presidency. Naturally, it appears that none of them actually read the article they used as the centerpiece of their segment. If they had, they would have noticed this passage:

For much of his presidency, Mr. Obama routinely shot in the 90s and low 100s respectable scores for an occasional golfer but not particularly good for someone who played as often as he did, golf professionals said.

In October, the president’s acumen received national attention when the retired basketball star Michael Jordan, who is an avid golfer, dropped a verbal bomb about Mr. Obama’s skills. Responding to a question about his ideal foursome, Mr. Jordan said it would not include Mr. Obama because “he’s a hack, man. It’d be all day playing with him.”

While Mr. Jordan’s assessment may have been true a few years ago, clues have seeped out in recent months that Mr. Obama consistently scores in the 80s now.

In an interview with Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times in August, Mr. Obama crowed that he had just had the lowest round of his life.

“Had an 80 last week,” Mr. Obama said, adding that he had a “15-foot putt for 79. I was feeling pretty good. I missed it by about that much.”

Last week, the president said in a telephone conversation with a military couple forced to move their wedding from the 16th hole of a local course because Mr. Obama was playing there that he had shot a 12-over-par 84.

It would appear that over time, President Obama’s game has, in fact, improved. However, that doesn’t fit the narrative Fox is trying to sell right now with the president. The story they want to push is POTUS spends an ungodly amount of time on the golf course yet doesn’t even bother to do anything constructive with that time. Obama won’t use the time on the links to make deals or bridge support with other leaders, In fact, he doesn’t even try to get better at golf when he’s out there. Does it matter whether it’s true or not? Not one bit.

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  1. UncaJoe   Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    This is the same Greg Norman who topped ESPN’s list of the “Worst choke artists of all-time“…

    1. Greg Norman
    For a few years during the mid-1990s, the Great White Shark was considered the best golfer in the world … yet he constantly fell apart during majors. His most egregious choke job came in the 1996 Masters, when Norman entered the final day with a six-stroke lead over Nick Faldo. The Shark gagged by shooting a 78, while Faldo shot a 67 to win the green jacket by five strokes.