Olbermann Questions Curt Schilling’s Claim That Political Hall Of Fame Remark Was A Joke

Olbermann Questions Curt Schilling’s Claim That Political Hall Of Fame Remark Was A Joke

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During Thursday’s episode of Olbermann, host Keith Olbermann devoted a segment to former pitcher Curt Schilling’s claim that his conservative political stance is the likely reason he isn’t in the Baseball Hall of Fame. In case you missed it, Schilling appeared on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Wednesday and discussed the recent inductees into Cooperstown. Eventually, the hosts decided to ask him about his own candidacy and why he hasn’t gained entry yet. The current ESPN baseball analyst said his being a Republican has cost him as many as 100 votes. He also claimed recent inductee John Smoltz is a Democrat (he isn’t).

Since the story blew up, and he’s been made to look like a fool, Schilling has taken the predictable route of backing off and claiming it was all a joke. Essentially, it appears he is using the Rush Limbaugh Excuse, where he is caught making an unbelievably moronic, false and/or offensive statement, and decides to later say, “It was a joke people! Don’t you guys know ANYTHING about humor? Sometimes I like to joke. If you don’t get it, you are just dumb!”



With Schilling insisting it was all a big joke, Olbermann decided to first tackle the subject of whether or not a deserving player’s political leanings could actually keep them out of a sport’s Hall of Fame. The former MSNBC political commentator pointed out that in his decades covering baseball and other sports, the vast majority of athletes he’s come across have been conservative. As Olbermann explained, their conservatism comes from the desire to retain as much money as possible rather than pay taxes. (Apparently, they LOVE the idea of a flat tax.)

Having established that, Olbermann eventually moved to Schilling’s appearance on WEEI. Rather than give his actual opinion about whether or not Schilling was just joshing with the hosts, Olbermann instead played the clip in its entirety to provide the proper context for the viewer. However, it was pretty apparent by Olbermann’s tone throughout the segment that he wasn’t quite buying Schilling’s claim that he was kidding around. This seemed especially clear when he said Schilling might be the “Woody Allen of our time,” implying that Schilling’s sly sense of humor could be flying over most of our heads.

Below is video of the segment: