White New England Patriots Fans Scared Of Baltimore Ravens Due To ‘Thug Factor’

White New England Patriots Fans Scared Of Baltimore Ravens Due To ‘Thug Factor’

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In a puff piece for Boston’s Fox 25 Friday evening, reporter Bob Ward hit the streets of Foxborough to ask New England Patriots fans how they felt about the upcoming playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. In his quest for opinions from salt of the earth people, Ward hit upon Mike and Meredith Crosby, a married couple from Hanover, Massachusetts. When asked about their thoughts on the contest, the middle-aged white couple pointed out that Baltimore made them “nervous” because of the “thug factor.”


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As you can see from the video, the wife doesn’t really want to say why Baltimore makes her so nervous, just that they do. At that point, her husband helpfully swoops in and asserts that it is the “thug factor” and they were “thugs in the previous games.” Obviously, the man doesn’t elaborate what the Ravens have done that was so thuggish, but maybe one could assume he’s referring to the fact that the team had previously employed Ray Rice and Ray Lewis, two players who had well-known run-ins with the law. At the same time, these two are fans of a team that once utilized Aaron Hernandez, who is on trial for multiple murders.

It could also be that these two may have just recently watched HBO’s The Wire marathon and figure all Ravens players are like Omar Little, Marlo Stanfield or Avon Barksdale. Perhaps they feel that if Bmore has to deal with beefs between Eastside and Westside, and corners are fought over for the drug trade, then the players on the Ravens must have something in common with the town they’ve seen on the small screen.

Anyway, just know that the Pats’ middle-aged, white, suburban demographic is definitely worried about the Ravens’ “thug factor.”


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    • Fox McElroy   Sunday, January 11th, 2015 at 7:01 pm

      Morans? Members of the warrior group of the Masai people of East Africa?

    • bebe   Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at 8:09 am

      Correct. Morons

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    Good let them stay home, 2 less jerks there.

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    Racists douche bags.