Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan Goes To Town On Colleague Clay Travis For Publishing Awful Article

Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan Goes To Town On Colleague Clay Travis For Publishing Awful Article

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During the Sunday broadcast of her Fox Sports show Garbage Time, host Katie Nolan laid the smack down on fellow Fox employee Clay Travis for posting a pandering and just plain awful article on Outkick the Coverage, the Fox-owned website he runs. The article, titled “How to Land a Husband at the Masters,” was supposedly written by a 31-year-old woman by the name of Rebecca Johnson. However, the whole thing reads like a fantasy of how a chauvinistic male wants women to act at sporting events, which is pretty much how Nolan took it.

Below are some excerpts from the article, just to give you an idea why Nolan was willing to use time on her show to call out Travis for publishing the piece.

I’m 31, attractive, and have a great tan year round since I live in southern California.

The Tournament is like live Tinder heaven for a single girl. And there’s NO competition! So this led me to compile a short, very doable list of “How to meet your husband at the Masters:”

The Masters isn’t the time to show cleavage but honestly, take off the Lilly Pulitzer skort and golf shoes. Guys aren’t into that.

Okay, so the foursome of guys in their late 40s is being nice to you. Sure they probably have money, but they also have on wedding rings (or at least the tan line from one). Get with the program, girlfriend. You can afford your own $4 beer. Stay true to the task at hand and politely tell these gentlemen goodbye and keep enjoying your girl time. The younger, single guys will find you.

Let’s be honest. You aren’t there for the golf. If you park yourself in the grandstands at Azalea for the afternoon, you’re limiting your options. Walk around and be seen. With that being said, do go spend some time on the hill at #16. It’s just plain fun.

Nolan tore into Travis for posting something like this on his website, pointing out it really has no place or worth other than for straight click-bait. She also stated that Travis tried to tell her that he thought it was just a light-hearted piece. Nolan mocked him for this as she said we should all relax and lighten up and take the article for its true meaning, which is to help women find a husband while attending sporting events.

The Fox Sports personality proceeded to rip the article to shreds, reading portions to show just how terrible it is while revealing that it is really geared towards the largely male-dominated audience of Travis’ website. She also took him to task for constantly posting supposed controversial articles for the sake of drumming up publicity and clicks, all in the name of ad revenue.

Below is video of Nolan’s takedown of Travis.



Travis, a former Deadspin editor who has made a name for himself in recent years by being essentially a troll, sent out the following tweet in response to Nolan, pretty much confirming her criticism of his publishing articles of this nature.


One wonders if Nolan will get a talking to for going after one of he co-workers in such a vicious (and awesome) way. If she were at ESPN, it is almost a given that she’d face a suspension of some sort. It will be interesting to see the reaction, if there is one.