Police In Calgary Charge Man For Shouting Dumb #FHRITP Meme During Broadcast

Police In Calgary Charge Man For Shouting Dumb #FHRITP Meme During Broadcast

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Days after a man was fired for defending the stupid “F*ck Her Right In The P*ssy” meme while speaking to a news reporter, Calgary police confirmed that they have charged a man for stunting over him yelling the phrase out of his truck while a news reporter was conducting an interview last month. Per CBC News in Canada, the man was caught on tape yelling the obscenity while CBC reporter Meghan Grant was attempting to conduct an interview regarding vile behavior on a certain Calgary street.

The dumb meme, known via Twitter as #FHRITP and made famous by recent NFL #1 overall pick Jameis Winston, has apparently been the bane of female reporters’ existence as of late. Toronto reporter Shauna Hunt became a hero to women in media everywhere when she stood up to a group of dudebros on Sunday after one of them tried to interrupt an interview of hers. Due to Hunt questioning the pack and getting chauvinistic responses back, at least one of the group found himself fired from his high-paying job due to his sophomoric behavior.

Hunt’s colleagues in Toronto pointed out that the behavior that was exhibited by the idiotic guys on Sunday may actually be illegal in many areas of Canada. Apparently, Calgary police agreed, and they decided to seek out and find the man who disrupted Grant’s broadcast last month. Due to it happening on tape, they had his vehicle’s make and model, as well as his license plate.



It appears that this tired, sexist and misogynistic meme has finally run its course due to a Canadian female news reporter calling out a handful of a-hole dudes on their BS. Something that may have seemed semi-harmless and nothing more than dumb fun has now been revealed to be another way young men have found to degrade women. Underneath the guise of ‘boys being boys,’ bros have been tossing around this phrase as a way to show who really is in charge. Unfortunately for them, their ruse has been discovered.