Patrick Kane Will Not be Charged, But the Real Story Is Not Over

Patrick Kane Will Not be Charged, But the Real Story Is Not Over



In a statement released on November 5, the Eric County District Attorney’s office have announced that Patrick Kane will not be charged with rape. New York prosecutors say that the claims were “rife with reasonable doubt” and “significant material inconsistencies”. This is a breath of fresh air for fans of Patrick Kane, and I’m sure it’s quite relieving to Patrick Kane himself.

Along the way, reporting on this story has become a battleground. For many, this story was a reminder of the “rape culture” that permeates so much of modern society; others saw it as a media trial fueled by overzealous feminists too eager to judge Kane in the court of public opinion.

Quite quickly, the internet outrage machines found their way into familiar territory. Blog posts were filled with terms like “rape apologist”, “feminist agenda” and “victim blaming”. Across the web we were once again discussing the merits of separating art from artist and writing about hockey with shades of Dylan Farrow.

For those who followed the media circus, there will be little closure outside of that which they ascribe themselves. Little will change, but those who espoused Kane’s innocence will surely feel vindicated and those who raged against rape culture will find that it has not disappeared from the world.

The case is closed, but the comment sections are still deteriorating into diatribes and misogyny. The reason for this is simple: for many of the people writing about this case, it was never really about Patrick Kane. Some people were worried about feminism and others were worried about hockey, but very few were concerned for the two individuals whose lives would be forever altered by this case. Instead, as is often the case, this story became megaphone for the angry and disenfranchised because the only time they feel their voices get heard is when a celebrity’s name is attached.

The Patrick Kane rape case might be over, but the real story is far from finished. It may be in a year, it may be tomorrow, but the familiar words and patterns of conversation will come back again, because these pieces are not really about the celebrities they’re about people whose names we do not recognize.

Take from that what you will.

2 Responses to "Patrick Kane Will Not be Charged, But the Real Story Is Not Over"

  1. whtx   Thursday, November 5th, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    I think you missed something here. Where is the part about bearing false witness or the part about leveling rape charges against a celebrity in order to extort money? Not one of the “charges” made by this girl was true. Not one. The DNA evidence found did not belong to Kane but to at least 2 other men. Did they rape her? or, more likely, were they a part of the plot? I’m guessing the latter. What are her consequences? Did she lose promotional deals and sponsorships? Is her name getting slammed every time she enters an NHL arena? Or, is she simply free of taking any responsibility under the protection of anonymity for her reprehensible actions. Of course rape is vile. But are not her actions just as evil? You are right about one thing. Falsely accusing celebrities like Mr. Kane of rape is not over, but here, that is the Real Story!

  2. Legit American   Friday, November 6th, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    I believe that you are wasting your time in hoping any of the keypuncher who put out articles such as this would actually deign to reply to you so, don’t hold your breath.
    What you said about Kane’s (FALSE) accuser is absolutely correct.
    Since her name is all over the internet now~~ Hayley Pandolfi~~chances are she will not be charged with lying to police, making a false report and etc.
    She could and SHOULD be charged with one or more felonies as, she was THE ONE who sought $$$ while attempting to ruin someone’s life with innuendo and lies.
    She is just one in a long line of con artists who try this butt, this time the evidence shows her as a grifting liar.
    She STOLE from her victim.
    As one commenter in another site said,
    “If there was any validity to this, gloria alred would have her stink all over it.”