Come on, Cubs: Win One For Bill Murray

Come on, Cubs: Win One For Bill Murray
The Cubs have now come back from a 3-1 deficit to tie up the World Series. With one game left to play in Cleveland, it’s do or die for the Chicago Cubs.
Now, for a lot of people, the World Series is about baseball – but for me. For me, this whole series is about Bill Murray.
Bill Murray, actor/comedian/Cubs fan, is a guy who has dedicated his entire life to making people smile. He’s made more people happy than Celexa and Zoloft and Prozac combined, with little to no side-effects. He’s given a lot and he deserves to get back a little bit of that karma back. That’s why the Cubs need to win this one for Murray.

As the team fought their way through this series, Bill Murray has been there every step of the way. He sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during Game 3. He cried tears of joy when the team won Game 5. He interrupted a White House press conference to promote the team before Game 6. He even gave away a free ticket to fan who couldn’t get into the last game. This is a man who loves baseball.

When Murray he was told they were going to give him the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, he was angry because the ceremony conflicted with the World Series. When he was being interviewed about the award, he said “I’d much rather be sitting there in a good box seat at Wrigley Field”. And when he finally received the award, he used his acceptance speech to talk about the Cubs.
Like I said: This is a man who loves baseball.

To understand more about what this teams this means to Bill Murray, you can read Peter Richmond’s article from 1990. Or you can watch him appear in broadcasts from Wrigley Field during the late 80’s. Or, you can listen to Murray himself talk about his first Wrigley Field memories in this speech from 2012:

“My first memory of going to Wrigley field in Chicago was – we rode the L train. And you rode in the first car, with my brothers and my dad, and the winner was the one who could spot the flag poll on top of the score board first.

But I’d never been inside the ball park, even though I’d seen many games on TV. Back then games on TV were in what you young people wouldn’t understand, it’s called: black and white… So I had no idea what a baseball park looked like. Especially one that looks like Wrigley Field, with some beautiful vines that grow on the wall.
…So, when I got into Wrigley Field, and I went through the turnstile – just before I hit the stairs that would take me up to the field level – my brother Brian said “Billy … wait”.
And he covered my eyes. And he walked me up the steps. And then he took my hands away, and I saw the most beautiful building I had ever seen in my life.”
Watching the Cubs seems to give Bill Murray the same kind of joy that other people get from watching Bill Murray – and that’s truly something special.
Of course, ever the Cubs find that tragedy strikes, and they cannot “do it for Murray”, they’ve already given him a pretty good ride.


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