UFC: Jones-Cormier 2 Could Be Right Around the Corner

UFC: Jones-Cormier 2 Could Be Right Around the Corner


With just under three month left on his suspension, Jon “Bones” Jones is in the headlines again. Nine months after their bout was being dropped from the UFC 200 card, it looks like Jones will most likely face Daniel Cormier for the Light Heavyweight title.

In July of 2016, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) suspended Jones from the UFC after he tested positive for clomiphene, an estrogen blocker. While estrogen blockers aren’t themselves a performance enhancing drug, they’re often used in conjunction with steroids to combat negative side-effects. Jones claims the failed test was caused by an off-brand Cialis pill he took that might have been manufactured in a factory that produces clomiphene. On The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Jones stated that he likes to take erectile dysfunction pills because “it’s a good time”.

In January, UFC President Dana White announced that Jon Jones would get the next UFC title shot. We now know that fight will most likely be against Daniel Cormier, the man Jones was scheduled to compete against before failing his drug test.
Cormier got a submission against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 210, retaining his title. Following the fight, it appears that he has his sights set on Jones Jones. During a post-fight press conference, Cormier called Jones “Cialis boy” and accused him of using steroids. He later took the accusation onto twitter, where he and his rival got into a mini-feud [via MMAFighting.com]:
Jones has faced accusations of PED use many times in the past. In October of 2016, he went on an online rant, saying:

“Steroids didn’t give me the [belief] that I am the baddest fm on this planet. It didn’t give me the heart to pull off victories in the last minutes of championship fights. Steroids will never give you a high IQ of the game. It won’t increase your awareness or your timing. It won’t make you more technical. It didn’t give me the idea to set my mind to a goal, to follow my dreams and bust my ass every day in the gym. I know that I’ve earned every inch of my success, every match ever won.”

While the event has yet to be scheduled, Dana White has said that Jones-Cormier 2 would likely be a co-main event because he “doesn’t have the faith right now that the fight’s going to happen”. Luckily, one of the two fighters offered a perfect solution earlier this week: Cormier told TMZ he thinks they should be booked on the same card as Mayweather-McGregor.
“Any human being that gets part of the Pay-per-view would definitely want to be a part of that,” Cormier said. “If you are on a card with Mayweather and McGregor, and me and Jon Jones. It would do ridiculous numbers. You’d get paid.”