In The Wake of International Incidents, President Trump Golfs With Peyton Manning

In The Wake of International Incidents, President Trump Golfs With Peyton Manning


On Sunday, Peyton Manning was spotted golfing along with President Trump and Senator Bob Corker. It was maybe not the best timing because, as The Hill noted, this is the second time the President has been spotted on a gulf course “during a weekend marked by terror attacks in London and protests nationwide”. Of course, golf didn’t really get in the way of President Trump responding to the attacks with one of his signature caps-heavy tweets.

06052017TrumpCapsSo, Trump spent several hours at a course on Saturday afternoon, then sent out some tweets criticizing the mayor of London’s response to the recent terror attacks, then went back to the links the following morning to spend another 4.5 hours golfing with celebrities.

If the timeframes are accurate, President Trump spend between 7 and 9 hours golfing on a weekend that included:
  • A terror attack in London
  • Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE cutting ties with Qatar
  • North Korea rejecting UN sanctions and announcing they plan to continue forward with their nuclear program
And this is standard behavior for the President who golfs so often there’s now an entire website devoted to tracking the activity (
According to the The Washington Post, by the end of April, President Trump was golfing “an average of once every 6.3 days”. It now appears on track to become the White House’s second most frequent golfer after President Taft, who went 20 times in a month while in office. That’s pretty hypocritical for a guy who spent several years criticizing President Obama for golfing too much.
06052017Tweet1 06052017Tweet2 06052017Tweet3
From 2008-2016, the big joke for the Republicans was: “Obama’s always playing golf / playing basketball / on vacation“, but the outcry over Trump spending his winters at Mar-A-Largo has been faint at best. As of April, CNN had Trump “on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama’s travel spending in 1 year“, but the joke doesn’t seem to be quite as funny when it’s not aimed across the aisle.
Still, there have been some voices addressing the problem. During a town hall in Iowa, Sen. Jodi Ernst said [via Fox News]:

“I do wish [Trump] would spend more time in Washington, D.C. That is what we have the White House for. We would love to see more of those State Department visits in Washington D.C… I have not spoken to him about the Florida issue yet, but that is something I think has been bothering not just me, but I think other members of our caucus”

It was a tempered and seemingly right-headed statement; but, immediately following the town hall, Ernst’s Press Secretary Brook Hougesen released a statement to Fox News walking back any perceived criticism. Hougesan wrote: “Senator Ernst very much supports President Trump. These were questions she received at a town meeting, she didn’t bring them up proactively. She would like to see more fiscal responsibility with respect to the visits to Mar-a-Lago… However, she does agree with the president on many policy items

So, the GOP might not be happy about Trump’s vacations, but they sure as hell aren’t talking about it. And it’s not just the vacations: the GOP seems to have caught a serious case of selective outrage on issues across the board. For instance: following almost every mass-shooting of the past 8 years, the criticism from the right was always “this is no time to politicize a tragedy”. Of course, I hear no such anger when President Trump sends out a tweet like this:
When can debate the merits of these policies all day long, but bottom line for Conservatives is simple: you can’t be the voice of reason when your mouthpiece is a man like Donald Trump.

[Photo by Flickr user Steve Jurvetson]