Peoples Champ: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Has A PAC Now

Peoples Champ: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Has A PAC Now

Back in May we reported that former WWE superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson appeared to be using GQ to gauge reactions to a possible political career. And it looks like the trial balloons are still being floated, as The Rock now has his own campaign committee — though he may or may not know about it.

“Run The Rock 2020” was recently registered with the FEC by Kenton Tilford, a freelance writer and political consultant from West Virginia. Tilford sat down with CNN recently to discuss his new PAC:

“I’ve been discussing (this committee) with friends for some time, but I ultimately decided to create the committee because America is incredibly divided. I know it’s almost a cliche at this point, but I think it’s tragic that our President (Donald Trump) has not made a serious effort to unite the country. With this level of vitriol and anger, I believe we desperately need a leader who can unite us and not just pander to a small base of supporters… He’s an amazing entertainer and the causes he champions (for example Veterans advocacy) are truly inspiring to me. … Of course, he doesn’t have the experience in government that has been typical. But I think we’ve seen voters reject the notion that inexperience disqualifies you from serving. His broad, uniting appeal is without parallel in our divided country.”

Tilford says his goal is “to build a grassroots community of Americans to show to Mr. Johnson that his incredible popularity as an actor and public figure can translate into politics seamlessly”.

While The Rock may have had nothing to do with the filing, he’s definitely very aware of the hype surrounding his potential candidacy. During a recently appearance on Saturday Night Live, The Rock joked that he and Tom Hanks were going to run for office together in 2020. While the bit got a lot of laughs during the show, it might not be quite as ridiculous as it sounds — the polls seems to be on his side. According to

“The Rock indicated that he may run for president in 2020 during an interview with GQ. According to a poll out today conducted by Public Policy Polling, the “people’s champ” would defeat Trump in an election 42/37.”

The big question is: what would The Rock’s platform be? In the past, Johnson says he’s currently registered as an Independent; although, in the past, he’s has attended both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. Besides having expressed a strong belief that the country should be unified, no one’s really sure what ‘The Rock’ stands for…
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