Adam Silver Pushing For Draft Lottery Reform To Fix NBA’s Tanking Problem

Adam Silver Pushing For Draft Lottery Reform To Fix NBA’s Tanking Problem
Sources claim the NBA is preparing to vote on draft reform that would seriously affect lottery odds. Currently, the three teams with the worst records in the league have a 25%, 19.9% and 15.6% chance of winning the #1 pick; if the new rules are imposed, each of them would see their odds drop to a 14% chance of winning. Obviously, the purpose of this kind of reform is to disincentivize tanking, a practice which has gotten more and more obvious in recent years.

But, while the odds of getting the top pick will decrease, the number of teams whose pick will be determined by the lottery would increase from three to four. According to USAToday:

“The highest lottery seed would receive no worse than the fifth pick, the second seed no worse than the sixth pick, the third seed no worse than the seventh pick and fourth seed no worse than the eighth pick.”

Owners are expected to vote on the new system at the NBA’s Board of Governors at the end of September and the proposal requires three-quarters of the vote in order to pass. In the event that they choose to adopt the proposal, the new regulations would be put in place starting with the 2019 draft.

The league attempted to pass similar legislation before the 2014-15 season. While the majority of owners supported the legislation, it still couldn’t quite get enough support. Opponents of reform claim it negatively targets small market teams. After they failed to pass the reforms, NBA Commission Adam Silver told reporters:

“I personally believe we need changes. It’s largely a perception issue so fans see that our teams do not benefit from losing games… It’s like a lot of things in business, you deal with the situation as it’s presented to you. I don’t want to act like this is a terrible problem to have. We will live with our deal.”

He also mentioned that a lot the pressure on teams came from fans pushing them to “underperform because it’s in some people’s view the most efficient and quickest way to get better”.
Since losing the vote, reports claim that Silver has been “aggressively” pursuing reform. Eric Princus statements indicate that the league was waiting to see if any major changes were made to the collective bargaining agreement before moving forward with their plans.