Lobbyist Stephen Moore Writes Seething Political Sports Piece About The Scourge of Political Sports Pieces

Lobbyist Stephen Moore Writes Seething Political Sports Piece About The Scourge of Political Sports Pieces

Earlier this week, both The Washington Times and RealClearPolitics published an editorial from Stephen Moore about why sports and politics “do not mix”. In the piece he claims that “left-leaning journalists are ruining sports by weighing in on political protests instead of sticking to the game”.

“These opinions belongs on the op-ed page, not the sports page,” Moore shouts in a post that’s categorized on RealClearPolitics as an article about sports.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Stephen Moore, he’s a man who has been described as an “anti-tax activist” (The New York Times) and a “discredited economic pundit” (MediaMatters.org), and who currently works as a lobbyist for FreedomWorks. He’s also held a number of different positions at the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, or the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and currently spends his days writing fluff pieces about how wonderful President Trump’s policies will be for the US economy.
He’s a man of principles. For instance, he was pro-Bush right up until it wasn’t popular anymore, then suddenly he was a rootin’ tootin’ tea party conservative. Moore went from writing book called “How George Bush’s Ownership Society Will Make America Stronger” to writing a book called “How Bush, Bernanke, Pelosi and Obama Have Wrecked the U. S. Economy” (he must have run out of space on the dust jacket, otherwise I assume there would be more names).

In his angry old man post, Moore decries the “the swift decline” of the USA Today sports page, heading straight “into the liberal sewer”. He writes:

“Nearly every day is a sermon on race relations in America, income inequality, capitalism, Donald Trump, refugee policy, gay rights and on and on. The two lead features writers are Nancy Armour and Christine Brennan and every time they publish their screeds, I keep thinking the mask will come off and it will be Hillary Clinton.”

Get it? They’re women and they don’t agree with him, so they must be Hillary Clinton.
He continues: “I just want to find out if the Cubs won last night… If someone starts a politics-free sports magazine that entertains me and informs me about, well, sports it will make millions of dollars.”
Really, Stephen? If you want to know the score of the Cubs game, why don’t you check their website?
From my vantage point, it seems pretty clear that the only reason Moore’s angry is because some of the players don’t agree with his boss — but that’s fine. The moment it’s no longer advantageous to him, Moore will probably change his opinion on that guy too.
[Photo from Flickr user Gage Skidmore]