World Series Win Brings A Smile To Houston’s Weary Fans

World Series Win Brings A Smile To Houston’s Weary Fans
It’s only been a couple months since the category 4 hurricane cut across coastal Texas, causing tens of thousands to flee their homes. 35 mile per hour winds racked up an estimated $180 billion in damages. But, for Astros fans, it hasn’t been this good in years.
In 2012, Houston were projected as one of the worst baseball teams ever to play the sport. The next season, their broadcast games had a whopping 0.0 Nielsen rating. Luckily, all that tanking seems to have done them good; and now, along with their city, they are rising back up.
Since the flooding, players have all worn a “Houston Strong” patch on their uniforms, and their series against the Rangers was relocated, but other than that the show has gone on — and fans welcome that distraction of America’s favorite pastime. When the storm washed away one man’s TV, he followed the rest of the season on the radio. “It brings you up,” he told NPR. “It gives you… hope”.
Across the city, there were similar stories. Viewers took solace in sport, whether it was the fact that, momentarily, “you’re not thinking about your flooded house”; or, as another said, because they could finally look forward to Houston “becoming a baseball town again”.
It may take a long time for the city to recover; but, luckily, it’s a young team.
[Photo via Flickr user Ed Schipul.]