Goodell To Be Deposed In Kaepernick Lawsuit

Goodell To Be Deposed In Kaepernick Lawsuit
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is set to be deposed as part of the Colin Kaepernick collusion case. In October, Kaepernick filed a grievance claiming that he “remains unsigned as a result of collusion by owners following his protests during the national anthem”. Now he’s going to trial with attorney Mark Geragos representing him in the case.
Regarding Mr Geragos, a retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge told

“He’s one of the best cross-examiners. He’s a phenomenal examiner. He phrases questions in a manner that no matter which way you answer, you’re kind of screwed. In terms of my experience, with him appearing in my courtroom, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Let’s put it that way. … He’s on my top-five list of attorneys that are the go-to attorneys – in anything, criminal or civil. The civil attorneys who underestimate him and say, ‘Well, he’s a criminal lawyer’ – that’s a severe mistake.”

During the deposition, almost no topic is off-limits, so this could be a real headache for Goodell.

It’s sad, because there is no lack of demand for Kaepernick’s skill set. He’d would be a great fit on the Houston Texans now that Deshaun Watson is out for the rest of the season. Of course, in the midst of red-state Texas, it probably seems like a losing proposition to GM Rick Smith.
According to ESPN, several protesting players have now requested a formal mediation session with the NFL during the week of Nov. 13 to resolve the ongoing protest issues. Sessions were held previously with the NFL Players Association, but no resolution was reached. Although he is not currently playing, an invitation has reportedly been extended to Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. Trish B   Monday, November 6th, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Good luck Kaepernick! I admire you for sticking to your principals and not letting the creeps at the NFL scare you off. We all have rights in this country thanks to the Constitution of the United States but it should be common sense to treat people as human beings no matter the color of their skin. It is disgraceful for any American to treat another person as a second class citizen because of race, religion, gender preference and even economic level. It is dishonorable as well for a person representing any police or sheriff department to treat another person as a second class citizen for the same reasons. Our world has ONE race, it is the HUMAN RACE and the sooner we ALL get this through our brains, the better our world becomes. I totally believe in your cause and really hope all goes well for you in court and back on the field. I can’t wait to see you play again. A Hollister, CA mom of 3 boys (2 adopted) and 1 crazy football husband!