South Koreans Burn ‘Unification Flags’ In Protest of Joint Olympic Team

South Koreans Burn ‘Unification Flags’ In Protest of Joint Olympic Team
Last week it was announced that North and South Korea had agreed to form a joint Olympic team and March together during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
So far, the decision has been met with vocal opposition. According to a recent poll cited in The Korean Times, 49% of South Koreans are against the idea. Their disapproval was made abundantly clear this past weekend when protesters gathered in the streets to burn unification flags and photographs of Kim Jong-un.
But South Korean President Moon Jae-in was more hopeful about the agreement. According to his office, he told staffers [via CS Monitor]:
“We need wisdom and efforts to keep alive the chances for dialogue we’ve pulled off miraculously after the Pyeongchang Olympics. We must get South-North Korean talks developed into talks between North Korea and the United States … so that we can resolve the North Korean nuclear issue peacefully.”

Lee Hee-beom, head of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG), also dismissed the concerns during a recent press conference. Lee told reporters:

“I’m aware that there are many concerns over the joint entrance behind the Korean Unification Flag. But since we’re the host nation, there will be a three minute performance with the Taegeukgi [South Korean flag] as the motif. The only difference is that the players [of the two Koreas] will enter together under the Korean unification flag. That decision is based on the three previous joint Olympic entrances in the past.”
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