Dwyane Wade Continues Campaigning For Parkland Students

Dwyane Wade Continues Campaigning For Parkland Students

Last week, Dwyane Wade stopped by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to tell the Parkland students “how inspired he was by them” [via ShareBlue].

Wade’s been campaigning against gun violence for a while now. In 2015, his cousin was shot and killed in Chicago. She hit by a stray bullet during a shootout. Since then, fighting against gun violence has remained a personal mission for Wade.

While other athletes and commentators have moved on, Wade’s continued to stay involved with the Parkland kids and March For Our Lives. Last week, Wade has donated $200,000 to the victims and sponsored an art exhibit honoring the 17 people who were killed during the event.

Not only is he fundraising for the Parkland cause, he’s also continued to tout them in the press. After National Walkout Day, Wade told The Sun-Sentinel:

“It’s great for all the kids to rally around what happened, but understanding that it’s in support of all the kids nationwide. This is obviously led by Parkland 17, but it’s for all kids in all communities and they all are getting it and all are understanding they are stronger together… It’s great to see our youth take a stand…

I was highly impressed with them understanding and knowing that, ‘OK, we know that this might fade after a few months, so this is what we’ve got planned for when it’s supposed to fade…It’s something we should all want to get behind and support and see if all of our voices together matter when it comes to legislation and all these things.”
Of course, Dwyane Wade isn’t the only player who’s taken real action. NFL veteran Corey Liuget donated $10,000 to Marjory Stoneman Douglas in order to help create the Coach Aaron Feis Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is named after the assistant coach to the school’s football team, who was shot and killed while trying to protect the students.
Liuget told CBS News:

“The person who wins the scholarship will be the player with the biggest heart, and with the best character and work ethic, with the instinct to put others before themselves.”

The Florida Panthers’ also made their own statement following the shooting. Players wore “MSD” patches to honor the school for their first game back after the shooting. Goaltender Roberto Luongo, a Parkland resident, was out of town when his son’s school went into lockdown and teachers made him hide in a closet. Before the Panther’s next game, Luongo gave a speech, telling the crowd: “No child should ever have to go through that. It’s time for us, as a community, to take action. It’s enough – enough is enough – we’ve got to take action.”
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