Matt Barnes Leads Stephon Clark Protest, Starts Scholarship For Victim’s Children

Matt Barnes Leads Stephon Clark Protest, Starts Scholarship For Victim’s Children

Bay Area native and former NBA player Matt Barnes made headlines this week after he helped lead demonstrations following the murder of 22-year old Stephon Clark. Clark (22) was shot 8 times by Sacramento police, primarily in his back.Barnes told protesters that “It’s more than color. It comes down to wrong and right”. He also added:

“People fear what they don’t know. We don’t know these cops, so we fear them. They don’t know us, so they fear us.”

Barnes also announced that he was starting a scholarship to ensure Stephon Clark’s children would have the opportunity to go to college.

For those unaware of the details of the case: Dr Bennet Omalu, an independent medical examiner, concluded that: “Clark was hit by eight bullets, and all but one entered while his back was turned toward the two officers. One bullet entered Clark’s left thigh from the front and was probably fired while he was on the ground”.
According to The New York Times:

“In body camera video, an officer is heard shouting the word “gun” repeatedly and opening fire almost immediately. No weapon was found on Mr. Clark’s body; the only object found was his cellphone… The officers order Mr. Clark to “show” his hands, rather than raise his hands, which Mr. Clark may have been doing when he was shot… [But] if the officers perceived that Mr. Clark was armed and moving toward them, they are trained to shoot.”

Hundreds gathered to protests at Cesar E. Chavez Plaza after the autopsy findings were released, and the situation was escalated further when Sacramento County sheriff police cruiser struck 61-year-old protestor Wanda Cleveland as it attempted to flee the scene.
[Main photo via Twitter: @blakersdozen]