Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Writing for Cosmo Now?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Writing for Cosmo Now?

In yet another example of politics making for strange bedfellows: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar just wrote a piece for Cosmopolitan.com! Stranger still: the piece was about Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Tristan Thompson relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

At face value, it seems like an odd choice for a man who frequently contributes to The Washington Post, had a regular column for Time, and spends his free time writing novels about Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft.

Of course, the whole thing makes slightly more sense once you realize that the piece is actually a political essays masquerading as entertainment gossip. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar’s article is actually a somewhat substantive piece about confirmation bias and the racial implications of many “athlete” stereotypes. Although, it’s still being published right below an article called “17 High-Waisted Swimsuits”, and another that’s entitled “Your Hands Free Guide To Solo Sex” (written by the marvelous Lane Moore).

In the article (“Athletes Shouldn’t Have to Endure Your Cheating Stereotypes”), the former Lakers’ big man writes:

“I have spent a lifetime dealing with the prejudices people have against male athletes. My political activism was criticized in the 1970s and still is today because the general public often think sports stars—many of whom have college degrees—are not smart enough to understand the complexities and nuances of politics….

The problem is that every time we see articulate, courageous, and committed athletes—like LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Etan Thomas, Michael Bennett, Steph Curry, and others—a juicy bit of salacious gossip drowns out these important voices and we all tumble back to square one. It confirms the bias against every athlete, and prevents us from being taken seriously.”

Kareem makes a good point. In this case, I too have been prejudice – although, for me, the thing I pre-judged was Cosmopolitan magazine. So, in the interest of positive thinking, I’d like to congratulate them for stepping up the quality of their content and locking down such a prestigious contributor!