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About Us


PoliticusUSA was founded in February of 2008 by Jason Easley. Jason had a vision of a liberal and independent news site which would offer a mix of politics and opinion in an unfiltered environment, not beholden to any specific political or media agenda. PoliticusUSA is by design accessible to all levels of readers. It was with that same vision that Jason decided to start Politicus Sports in early 2013.


Jason noticed that much like in the world of politics, the sports media had become corporatized. He had noticed that the same corporate giants who were spending billions of dollars to obtain rights fees to cover sports were also the same were also the same ones covering the news. This, of course, seemed to create a total conflict of interest. That was the impetus behind Politicus Sports. The need for a different kind of sports coverage. Unrestrained sports writing without the corporate edicts…the Anti-ESPN.





Jason Easley: Owner/Editor in Chief

A lifelong lover of politics, Jason Easley is a little older than some but not as old as others. Jason spent four years as a political columnist and the politics editor at 411mania.com, where he covered such issues as the Iraq War, warrant less wiretapping, and the daily workings of the American legislative process. Jason has also written for the Blogger News Network, and saw his 2008 presidential election coverage quoted in over 300 newspapers worldwide. Jason has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. His graduate work focused on public policy, with a specialization in social reform movements. When Jason is not writing he can be found endlessly courting his girlfriend, and expressing his loyal fandom for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Trevor LaFauci: Opinion Columnist

Trevor LaFauci was born and raised in sports-crazed New England where his first athletic memories involved him waking up at 3:30 in the morning to dress for 5 A.M. hockey practices when he was in kindergarten. He hit his athletic peak at age eleven when he was a state champion in both AAU basketball and summer all-star baseball before gradually fizzling out to a two-sport varsity athlete in high school. His college athletic career consisted of his fraternity intramural games interrupting his nightly and/or weekend drinking binges. He currently resides in California where he is a high school teacher and is constantly amazed that college and professional championship games actually end before midnight on the west coast.


Cole Everett: Contributing Writer


I am 17 years old and a senior at Mill Creek High School just outside of Atlanta, GA. My father, Danny Everett, is a college baseball umpire and a high school football referee. He is my inspiration and the reason I am so into sports. I played both baseball and basketball growing up. For as long as I can remember I have been a diehard fan of the Atlanta sports teams. I usually go to about 20 Braves games a season and make it to a couple Hawks and Falcons games a year. Once I realized I wasn’t gonna make the Pros as a player, I figured out I wanted to be an analyst. I have been watching sports for a lot of each day for a very long time now. I hope to make it big as a writer on ESPN one day.


Chad Bunch: Contributing Writer


Chad Bunch has been a St. Louis Cardinals fan since birth. He also follows the Blues and Rams since moving to St. Louis in 2000. His other hobbies include reading, writing and cooking. His full-time job is managing a hospital kitchen, but he hopes to be writing and editing full-time eventually. He lives with his wife and twin boys in Florissant, MO.


Dan Arel: NHL Columnist


Dan is an independent journalist and author. Hockey has played a major part in his life since his childhood in New Hampshire. Now residing in San Diego, CA he follows the NHL from the latest trade rumors to predicting the hottest teams with a chance to lift Lord Stanley’s Cup. You can follow Dan on Twitter @danarel.


Daniel Faris: Opinion Columnist


Daniel Faris spent his childhood in a sleepy town called Endwell in upstate New York. After graduating from the Writers Institute at Susquehanna University in 2011, he relocated to central Pennsylvania to become a full-time blogger and journalist. His passions include creative writing, political activism, and everything Pop Culture. You can connect with Daniel on his political blog, Only Slightly Biased, or join his alter ego over at New Music Friday for discussions about progressive music.


Jordan Burnett: NASCAR Columnist


Born and raised in Central New York, Jordan is currently a senior at the State University of New York at Oswego, majoring in journalism and history, with a minor in political science. He’s been a lifelong NASCAR fan. Over the summer of 2013, Jordan interned at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina. He hopes to work in the NASCAR industry or cover the sport full-time someday. He’s written for Total Sports Blog. Jordan also follows the NFL, NBA and MLB, supporting the Miami Dolphins, Washington Wizards and Milwaukee Brewers.


Ali Ardehali: Contributing Writer


Ali Ardehali is a freshman at Hinsdale Central High School near the outskirts of Chicago, IL. While he does live near Chicago, he was born in Baltimore and lived there for the first couple years of his life. His hobbies include soccer, writing, and watching sports. Ali is a diehard sports fan, but more importantly, a Ravens fan. Ali spends his Sundays during the NFL season with his laptop (Due to no broadcast of the Ravens game on TV) and the TV tuned to NFL Network to catch up with other games.


Travis Tack: Contributing Writer

Travis Tack attended Columbia College Chicago and is a huge fan of the Bulls. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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