Write For Politicus Sports

Write For Politicus Sports


If your dream has always been to be a Sports columnist or blogger for a major website here’s your chance. Politicus Sports is looking for some new writers to add to our team, and we have a few spots open for unpaid contributors. If you have a sports blog, or just love to talk and write about sports, Politicus Sports is a great way to reach PoliticusUSA’s millions of monthly readers.


Essentially, we are looking for writers to contribute in one of three ways: sports news writers, writers who will provide recaps and/or previews of major sporting events and sports opinion columnists. Below are the descriptions for all three areas:


News Writer: This writer would concentrate on regularly contributing news articles on recent events in the world of sports. The writer can choose to concentrate on only one specific sport, a few different categories or on the entire sports world. It is imperative that the news stories not be stale by the time they are submitted. Basically, if something occurred more than 24 hours ago, move on to another subject. While some commentary is welcome, the main objective for this writer is to quickly and accurately discuss the news at hand.


Recapper/Preview Writer: This writer will concentrate on providing previews and/or recaps of major sporting events. Some of these events can be reoccurring (Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Baseball, etc.) Others might be Pay Per View events (MMA, Boxing) or once a year events (Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals.) Recaps should be submitted within 24 hours of the event’s end. Meanwhile, previews can be up on the site a couple days prior to the event, but should definitely be up at least 6 hours before start time.


Opinion Columnist: This writer will provide columns that discuss major happenings in the world of sports. These columns will provide commentary, opinion and discuss the topic in an in-depth manner. The columnist can elect to focus on just one sport, a few different areas or on the sports world at large. While columnists will be providing their opinions for the most part, it is very important that the columns be well-researched and properly referenced. It is also essential that the columns be current and topical.


If you are interested, please email us. Include a writing sample, and the position that you want to be considered for in the subject line of your email.

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